Thursday, June 11, 2009

Twilight Lay-out

~Twilight Layout~

materials: black 12x12 paper, cream 11x11 paper, 2x12 strip of paisley and vertical stripes, 2.5x12 strip of flower/leaf print paper, dark green cardstock, black cardstock, dark red card stock, Cricut with Doodlecharms and Tear Drop, Cricut mats, vellum, flat and dimentional adhesives,

1. Using DoodleCharms cut a 3.5 green apple, cut a 3.5 red apple with the shift key pressed on the Cricut machine.
2. Place a small scrap of vellum between apple layers over the shine cut out. Adhere the three layers together, apply dimentional adhesive to the back and set a side.
3. Cut title "Twilight" using Tear Drop at 1.5 on the Cricut using red. Create shadow of the letters using black. Adhere layers together and set a side.
4. Adhere cream card stock to center of black 12x12 card stock.
5. Adhere stripe strip about a half inch from the bottom of the cream paper horizontal to the lay-out.
6. Adhere Paisley strip on one edge of the flower/leaf strip. Adhere layers to the left edge vertically on the 12x12 page.
7. Cut two 2.5x2.5 pieces and one 5.5x7.5 piece of dark red card stock. Apply adhesive to the backs.
8. Adhere 5.5x7.5 cardstock half an inch down from the top of the cream cardstock and centered horizonatally and the two 2.5x2.5 cardstock to the left of the 5.5x7.5 cardstock.
9. Adhere apple to the right edge of the stripe strip
10. Apply title "Twilight" to the space between stripe strip and 5.5x7.5 photo mat.
11. Add pictures and display.

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