Monday, June 8, 2009

Embossing with Powder

So you've decided to do a little research about embossing...well good for you! Embossing can give that unique and perfect last touch to any project.

Below you will find my tips for embossing; however feel free to experiment and find what works best for you.

Tip #1- Find the Right Ink--

Finding the right ink can make all the difference in a project that works or a project that doesn't. You want an ink that will stay wet long enough for you to apply the powder or glitter that you want. I use the VersaMark ink pad and pen for all my embossing projects; because it's clear enough that when you emboss with a light colored powder like white you won't see it (the ink) through the powder.

Tip #2-The Right Image and the Right Powder--

The more detailed the design the finer your powder should be. Use a powder that compliments your project. Don't be afraid to experiement on a model of your project first.

Tip #3-Heating the Image--Finding the Right Tool

I found that heat guns are best (they cost around $20-$25) but a hair drier (as cheap as $10) will do the job too.

Tip #4-Stamping and Powdering the Image--

Choose your stamp, powder and paper. If you are planning to cut the paper smaller once you have stamped and embossed, save your self the fustration and cut first. (For example cut out the star first then stamp and emboss it)

Ink the it on the desired spot on the image firmly...remove stamp...dust ink with desired powder (don't be afraid to pour a good amount of powder on the image)...shake the paper gently to move the powder all over the ink...tap extra powder of the paper on to a scrap piece of paper so that you can put the extra back in the jar...using your heating tool heat the image.

Tip #5-Heating the Image--How?

When you use your heating tool (heat gun or hair drier) to emboss an image start at one end and using a sweeping motion about two inches from the paper more across the image.

Tip #6-HELP! My Paper is Curling--

If the paper your image is stamped on is curling when you heat or it is scorching try any of the following;

-heat the image from under neath using a pair of tweezers to hold the paper (don't burn your fingers)

-place the image stamped paper in a small box lined with tin foil...using the heating gun heat the tin foil...this allows the whole image to be heated at one time...kind of like when you cook a roast.

Tip #7-My paper is has static. Or The extra powder won't come off the paper.

Take a dryer sheet and rub it across your paper before you stamp...hey dryer sheets are good for lots of things.

Tip #8-My image is missing spots of powder. What should I do?

-Make sure your stamp is clean before begining the project

-Stamp the image on the ink pad more than usual, two to four times

-You inked, inked, inked and still missing spots? Try using a finer powder

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