Friday, June 26, 2009

Twilight Lay out Part 2

Materials: use the same materials as Twilight Lay out Part 1

1. mount 6x6 piece of stripe paper and paisley paper to bottom of 12x12 black card stock.
2. mount 2.5x12 piece of stripe paper to black cardstock a quarter inch down from top of page
3. mount 2x12 piece of paisley paper on bottom edge of strip stripe.
4. mount .5x12 piece of deep red cardstock on bottom edge of paisley stripe.
5. mount 4.5x6.5 deep red photo mat a half inch down from top and half inch in from right side of page.
6. mount 4.5x6.5 deep red photo mat in lower left side of page, half inch in from left edge and bottom of page.
7. create a journaling box by mounting a 2.5x3 piece of cream paper on to a 3x3.5 piece of deep red paper and adhere to page in top left corner about an inch down from top and 1.5 inches in from left edge.
8. Add two 4x6 photos and enjoy

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