Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Resourceful Paper Crafter

Here are someways to save money while being able to create stunning paper crafts.

1. Clearance-Every season stores change their inventory to meet the themes of the season. This is the perfect time to find and purchase clearance items that you need, like, or want to try using without breaking the bank.

2. Remodels-Every five years Wal-mart remodels their stores. This is the perfect time to find items marked down. Recently Wal-mart decided to cut back their Fabric and Craft department. Many items are being clearanced out because there is no shelf space for them.

3. Clubs and Groups- Join online groups and clubs that offer discounts on items you are interested in. Borders, Michaels, Jo-Ann's, and A.C. Moores all offer e-mail clubs that are free.

4. Coupons-Check out your Sunday paper for coupons. Sunday papers are the thickest with coupons and information because that is the day most people buy and read the paper.

5. Swap Shops-That's right "dump pickin.'" Many town dumps now have a "Swap Shop" where you can place items you don't need or want for others to have free. Often these are items that did not sell during yard/garage sales. I have found unfinished furniture in my local swap shop.

6. Yard and Garage Sales-Everyone has things they don't want any more or the item just needs a little fixing up (i.e. fresh paint). Yard and Garage Sales are a great place to find items like furniture, glasswares, yard, fabric, stamps, and more.

7. Gifts-Someone in the family just had a birthday and gifts came in bags with tissue paper. Save the tissue paper and use it instead of Mulberry paper to give your paper crafts texture.

8. Crops-Arrange crops with fellow scrappers and card makers. have each person RSVP with a different tool (i.e. Sally brings her Cricut and cartridges, Ruth brings her punches, Jane brings her Making Memories Tool-kit, etc.) and share them. One sugestion if you plan on using Sally's Cricut bring your own mats and save them for next time you all get together. Rotate who brings what or have Croppers sign-up like a pot-luck.

9. Buying online-Websites often give discounts if your purchase over a set dollar amount or even free shipping. Try Amazon, E-Bay, and other sites for these types of discounts.

10. "Slitly Used"-I love the slitly used aspect of Amazon's website. I have been able to purchase books and materials for fractions of the "New" price. For example, a college textbook that costs $150 was $35 "slitly used" and the book was like brand new.

11. Saving-Saving wrapping paper that you liked from a gift recieved or clasp envelopes from the mail can also be used for other projects and organization

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