Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is a 12x12 2 page layout using the Cricut with the Tear Drop font.

  • (2) 12x12 sheets of textured deep pink cardstock
  • Lt. pink cardstock
  • (8) Red eyelets
  • (2) 12x12 sheet of heart and swirl print paper
  • Valentine's ribbon tied into a bow
  • Pink chalk
  1. Rip the heart and swirl print paper in half down the middle making hills and valleys. Chalk the ripped edges.
  2. Using eyelets attach the hearts and swirl paper to the top of both deep pink sheets of cardstock (4 per page)
  3. Using the Tear Drop font on the Cricut, cut the word "Embrace" from the hearts and swirl paper at 1 1/2 inches.Then using the shadow function cut the same word our of the Lt. pink cardstock. Adhere together.
  4. Cut (3) photo-mats out of the Lt. pink cardstock; (1) 8 1/4x10 1/4, (2) 4 1/4x6 1/4
  5. Adhere "Embrace" title on the left page toward the bottom right corner. Then adhere the large photo mat above the title.
  6. Adhere ribbon bow on right hand page in top left corner. Arrange and adhere photo mats.
  7. Create a journaling box by layering the hearts and swirls paper on top on the Lt. pink cardstock and place in lower right corner of right hand page.

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